What's included

At 15h 00 pick up/return to the hotel by 4X4, Camel Trekking 1 hour, Visit to the Sahraoui bivouac, Sahraoui tea ceremony, Nomad dinner (roast lamb mishoui, or rice with camel meat or fish + drinks), Golden hour & Campfire, Saharaoui dress, Camel milk

750 Dh / 75 €


The best spot in 2021 is Dakhla.

What's included

Pick up/return to the hotel by 4X4, Kitesurfing lessons (8 hours = 2 days, rates for semi-private and private on request), 1 hour Quad or Buggy (rates for buggy on request), Saharaoui vivac visit in the dunes of Dakhla, Saharaoui tea ceremony, Saharaoui dress, Camp fire, Golden hour

3500 Dh / 350 €


Explore the depths of the sea and the dunes of Dakhla!

What's included

Departure at 11am, Pick up/return to the hotel by 4X4, Diving, Snack, Guided visit in Dakhla, Sahraoui dinner in a desert bivouac at 8pm (roast lamb mishoui or rice with camel meat or fish + soft drinks), Camp fire & Golden hour, Sahraoui tea ceremony, Sahraoui dress, Camel milk.

1450 Dh / 145 €


Fishing and camping adventure in a paradisiacal and wild landscape.

What is included

Departure, Pick up/return to the hotel in 4X4, Fishing adventure with an experienced angler, All types of fishing (Pelote, Surfcasting, Spinnig, Slow jigging), Fishing equipment, Meals (breakfast + lunch + snack + dinner), Accommodation (minimum 2 persons).

Group rate: 10% from 4 people

1690 Dh / 169 €


4 Days and 3 magical nights in the middle of the Dakhla desert and in front of the sea.

What is included

Flight in/out, - Pick up at the airport Casablanca/Dakhla, Hotel in the middle of Dakhla with sea view (breakfast included), Safari Excursion (1st day Imlili + Puerto Rico + The White Dune), 2nd day Caeml Ride or Quad, Visit the Saharaoui Bivouac, Saharaoui Dinner in the dunes of Dakhla (roast mutton mishoui, or rice with camel meat or fish + drinks, Saharaoui Tea Ceremony, Golden Hour + Camp Fire, Camel Milk, 3rd day Diving, Visit the Oyster Park, Guided tour of Dakhla, 4th day: Pick up from hotel to go to the airport.

5990 Dh / 599 €